250 data and fibre engineers and counting

data fibre engineer cscs card

250 data and fibre engineers and counting

We are delighted to report that we have just passed a significant milestone….we have delivered level 3 qualifications to over 250 data and fibre engineers across the UK. This means that 250 data and fibre engineers have become eligible for a CSCS Gold Card (communications installer). There has been significant growth in the last 12 months as the changes to CSCS cards are starting to take affect. It is now more important than ever for data and fibre engineers to gain the right qualification in order to get the correct CSCS card.

Data and Fibre Engineer CSCS Card

Many data and fibre engineers have years of experience but do not have the necessary level 3 qualification that makes them eligible for a CSCS Gold Card. Having the right CSCS Card is important as it allows structured network engineers to attend any site unsupervised. It is also helps businesses to have their engineers “fully carded” as it means that they can confidently send engineers to any site. It also helps when bidding for work – who is a construction company more likely to use…the data cable company that has all engineers in possession of a CSCS Gold Card or the one that hasn’t?

What do data and fibre engineers need to do?

Our course is fully online which means engineers do not need to take time out of work. They access an online portal that we have designed specifically for data and fibre engineers. Engineers will access an electronic portfolio. This sets out the evidence that engineers need to collect in the work place, questions that need to be answered and a few short assignments. All of the questions are related to daily activities that engineers carry out. Evidence requirements are a mix of work place products such as method statements and risk assessments, fluke test reports and videos of engineers terminating copper, using a tester (most use Fluke testers) or if the engineer has chose the fibre course option, a video of them splicing fibre.

Data and Fibre Course Pathways

We offer two pathways to structured network engineers – the copper only pathway which is for engineers that only work with copper and the fibre pathway which is for engineers that work with both copper and fibre.

Who have we worked with?

Getting to the 250 data and fibre engineer mark has meant that we have worked with some fantastic companies and many self employed engineers. Below are just some of the businesses that have benefitted from having fully qualified engineers:

  • Structured Networks – Manchester
  • TIS Networks – Manchester
  • Integral Networks – Barnsley
  • Splice Group – Leeds
  • Thompson AVC – Wolverhampton
  • Wirral Installations – Birkenhead
  • Webpoint Solutions – Birkenhead
  • Paragon Data Services – Hull
  • DM Data – Stafford
  • DGL Networks – Stafford
  • Elegance Solutions – Halesowen
  • Blue Cable – Stafford
  • ISG Technologies – Manchester
  • ISG Technologies – Birmingham
  • ISG Technologies – Rochester
  • PE Comms – Dudley
  • Route 3 – Southport
  • Capita – Heathrow
  • Capita – Gatwick
  • AD Solutions – Manchester
  • Alexamber Networks – Widnes
  • Trinity Projects – Manchester
  • Nene Data & Electrical – Northampton
  • Fibrenet Office Solutions – York
  • PW Comms – Lymm
  • M A Birch Structured Cabling Ltd – Colchester
  • Pearce Comms – Rochester
  • CDK Global (UK) – Hungerford
  • Worm Purple Ltd – Castle Donnington
  • Stockturn Services Ltd – Sunbury on Thames
  • BAM Construction Ltd – Wellingborough
  • Netogo Ltd – Olney
  • DataSwift Ltd – Isle of Wight
  • DCE Datacoms – Altrincham
  • SDC Installations – Gibraltar
  • Corinthian Communications – Leeds
  • A2B Communications – Ormskirk
  • Belcom247 – London
  • Structured Cabling Services Ltd – Birmingham


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