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Diploma Social Media for Business

Why Social Media Matters for Businesses

Social media matters for business. It really matters and any business ignoring it is simply allowing their competitors who are using it to steal the show. Businesses cannot afford to bury their head in the sand and hope the hype will go away……it simply won’t. Facebook has over a billion subscribers, Twitter has 1/2 a billion and LinkedIn a 1/4 of a billion. That is a lot of people!

Social Media – it matters to business

Social Media for Business is important as it offers a way to get messages, news, products and services out to a lot of people, quickly and for little or no money. It also helps businesses interact and engage with their current clients and future customers. More importantly it can show that a company cares. We have all seen the stories about companies getting a hard time on Social Media well there are two sides to this. The company that gets a hard time and doesn’t respond will get…..a hard time. It will affect their reputation and peoples perception. A company that gets a hard time and responds positively to its customer base will improve their reputation. A recent example was an O2 outage one Sunday afternoon that brought volumes of social media users online to complain. It even went as far as the MP Sajid Javid taking to Twitter to make his feelings known. ┬áBut actually, what was interesting was seeing the O2 response. This was a Sunday afternoon when most people were out enjoying the May weather but O2 had clearly mobilised their social media team and were responding to every complaint. So yes, there were people giving O2 a hard time but the way that social media was used to respond and engage with customers avoided any catastrophic damage to their reputation and for most people provided a positive perception.

It is important that businesses also consider that Facebook is a database of over a billion people who have provided huge amounts of details that allow advertisers to use the search and demographic tools to pinpoint particular audiences. Compared to traditional advertising, social media can get an advert onto a targeted group of people with analytics to review success.

Level 3 Diploma in Social Media for Business

For any businesses considering learning more about social media and developing their skills and knowledge, please look at our online course which is an accredited and national recognised diploma. Skillsfirst Level 3 Diploma in Social Media for Business.