Cable Engineer Jobs Search CSCS Gold Card Matters

Cable Engineer Jobs Search CSCS Gold Card Matters

The benefits of CSCS gold cards are clear……data and fibre engineers can access all sites unsupervised, companies have more success in tenders and engineers gain new qualifications to that demonstrate their skills and knowledge to their customers. There is another key benefit which helps data and fibre engineers when they searching for cable engineer jobs.

Cable Engineer Jobs

Anyone doing a search for data and fibre jobs will now see more and more companies expecting engineers to be in possession of a CSCS card. This is because construction sites and also businesses now expect any workers to have the right CSCS card. We deliver the Level 3 qualification because having the CSCS gold card has more benefits than a blue card. Not all sites will allow blue card holders to work unsupervised and some sites do not give access to anyone without a gold card so it is imperative that engineers work to the right level of qualification.

From a CV perspective will an employer be more likely to employ a fibre or data engineer with a level 3 qualification and a CSCS gold card over an engineer with just a blue card – we would argue that they would.

When searching for cable engineer jobs the positions that advertise the need for the CSCS gold card are also more likely to pay more. They clearly take the need for engineers to be correctly carded cable engineer jobsseriously and are more likely to offer greater opportunities to data and fibre engineers.

Take a look and some cable engineer jobs on sites such as Indeed, Monster or Engineer Board and engineers will see the need to hold a CSCS card.

Level 3 Data and Fibre Engineer Qualification

Engineers who hold a level 3 qualification are also more likely to be successful when they are job searching. An employer will always look at applicant qualifications and not just their experience. Our level 3 course has been designed so that experienced engineers can gain a qualification that demonstrates their skills and knowledge, can be done without taking time off work and most importantly is affordable.

For more information about the level 3 course for fibre and data engineers please visit our IT & Telecoms Professional Competence page.


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