CSCS Annual Review 2014

CSCS Annual Review 2014

CSCS Annual Reviewcscs annual review

CSCS released their annual review yesterday which has made some interesting reading for structured network businesses.

Notably, the CSCS scheme has now risen to 1.9 million members and is expected to increase still further this year. Of these 700,000 are construction site operatives. The CSO card was withdrawn in July 2014 with a greater push to ensure that all card holders are academically qualified in their industry (i.e hold the right level of NVQ / Diploma) and hold the right level of card for the work that they do.

For structured network engineers the most effective card is the Gold Card – Communications Installer Team Leader. This card allows engineers to work on all construction sites. It is also becoming increasingly important as a number of large businesses have set out a requirement for all engineers / operatives to hold a CSCS Gold card before entering any of their premises.

The other benefits of having a workforce that are Gold Card accredited is that it supports any tenders that are submitted. A contractor is more likely to engage a business that can demonstrate that their engineers are qualified against a business that claims just to be “good at their job”.

If any structured network business needs more information about the Level 3 qualification needed to get the CSCS Gold card then they should contact us at [email protected]

 Funding for Structured Network Engineer Apprenticeships

We have funding for any structured network business that either has existing staff that are under 24 or who are looking to bring on a new apprentice. The Advanced Level Apprenticeship is open to all structured network engineering businesses and will allow the successful candidate to earn industry qualifications and apply for their CSCS Gold Card.

There is also an additional £1500 grant available to employers who recruit a new apprentice. Employing a 16-18 year old apprentice is a fantastic way for employers to grow their business and make plans for the future. The training is completely free and the minimum wage for a 16-18 year apprentice is £2.73 per hour.

If you would like more information on how an apprentice can benefit your business then please contact us.


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