CSCS Card – What are the benefits for data and fibre engineers?

CSCS Card – What are the benefits for data and fibre engineers?


There is no getting away from it – CSCS Cards are here to stay and if structured cabling engineers don’t have one they are limiting their ability to get on sites that operate the CSCS card scheme. Likewise, businesses that operate in the structured networking industry will miss out on potentially lucrative work as many tenders are now calling for companies to demonstrate that their engineers are in possession of CSCS Cards.

Benefits to engineers

We recently spoke to an engineer that had completed his Level 3 qualification with us and was now an owner of a CSCS Gold Card. He reported back that since he got his CSCS Gold Card he has had to turn work away as he has been offered too many jobs. Holding a CSCS Gold Card means that data and fibre engineers are able to work on any site without supervision. Engineers are able to get a CSCS Gold Card Communications Installer Team Leader with a Level 3 qualification and only have to build a portfolio of evidence with us to demonstrate their competence.

Benefits to business

The are a number of interesting case studies on the CSCS website that document that companies will only engineers on their site if they are in possession of a CSCS card. Asda, for instance has made it very clear that under their health and safety policy they will only accept engineers and other operatives on their sites if they have a CSCS Card.

Most tenders now require contractors to demonstrate that their engineers have a CSCS Card. If a networking contractor is unable to demonstrate this then they will miss out on the opportunity to bid for this work.

What do we offer?

Having worked with a whole host of structured network businesses, we have developed a level 3 qualification that is quick, easy and affordable for engineers to get the accreditation they need to be eligible for a CSCS Gold Card Communications Installer Team Leader.

The qualification requires engineers to build a portfolio of evidence. The evidence is a mixture of questions, worksheets and videos or voice files collected in the work place. There is no need to take time out from work and attend a course. It is all done online. The qualification costs £600 but engineers have the option to spread the payments over 6 months. (Prices are subject to VAT).

If you would like more information or would like an online demo then request a call back and we will be pleased to help.


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