Fibre and Data Engineer Level 3 Course Portfolio

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Fibre and Data Engineer Level 3 Course Portfolio

We have received numerous recent enquiries from data and fibre engineers looking to start a level 3 qualification needed to be eligible for a CSCS Gold Card about the nature of the portfolio that they have to build. We thought it might be useful to explain the portfolio in a bit more detail.

Data and Fibre Engineer Portfolio

The level 3 qualification for data and fibre engineers is an opportunity to demonstrate the competence and knowledge that they have in a formal qualification. The portfolio requires engineers to upload evidence collected in the workplace, complete a series of online questions and 4 short assignments.

Evidence from the workplace can be a mixture of method statements, risk assessments, videos and also previous qualifications. We have been asked if certificates from manufacturer courses count as evidence – they do. This is known as accreditation of prior learning. Method statements are a good way to demonstrate the jobs that data and fibre engineers have undertaken. The only important note is that engineers need to be named on the method statement as part of the project team.

Videos provide a super way to gather evidence. If an engineer is on a job with a colleague they can get them to use a smartphone to video record the job that is being done. Video evidence is particularly useful to demonstrate installation or testing work.

Level 3 NVQ for Data and Fibre Engineers

The course that we offer for engineers is the BTEC Diploma in Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professionals. We know that data and fibre engineers look for NVQ qualifications but NVQs have now effectively been phased out and have been replaced by diploma qualifications. Engineers looking for a CSCS Gold Card (Communications Installer Infrastructure) will need to be in possession of a Level 3 Diploma. Some engineers have opted to do a Level 2 qualification but this will only make them eligible for a CSCS Blue Card. The problem with a blue card is that it will not guarantee access to all sites and on many sites the blue card holder will need to be supervised. On the other hand data and fibre engineers holding the CSCS gold card can access all sites and can work unsupervised.

Structured Cable Engineering Tenders

We have also spoken to a number of structured network cabling companies about the benefit of having all engineers in possession of a CSCS Gold Card. There are two major benefits. It affords companies to send any engineer to any site and work unsupervised. Additionally, having a fully carded workforce adds weight to any tender being submitted as it demonstrates the knowledge and skill level of the structured cabling companies engineers.

If you would like any further information about the Level 3 course for data and fibre engineers then please contact us and we will endeavour to answer your questions.


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