Government Funded Structured Network Apprenticeships

Government Funded Structured Network Apprenticeships

Government Funded Structured Network Apprenticeships

Although an election is just around the corner, work goes on for the Government and one area that continues to grow is apprenticeships. All the main political parties in this election are committed to growing apprenticeships in the UK. Sadly, the funding for adult apprenticeships has been cut significantly but training for anyone under 19 is still available and structured network businesses are encouraged to think about how they could benefit from taking on a new apprentice or getting an existing member of staff qualified.

There are a number of instant advantages; apprenticeship training is fully funded and there is also an additional £1500 grant per apprentice employee that you take on. Apprentice wages start at £2.73 per hour and what you get is a young worker that wants to learn the trade.

Structured Network Apprentice

So what makes up an apprenticeship? Well, the apprentice will work towards a number of qualifications. This includes the Level 3 Diploma ICT Professional and a Level 3 Cetificate in ICT Systems and Principles. There is an extra bonus – by getting their Level 3 Diploma through the apprenticeship they will also be eligible for a CSCS Gold Card Communications Installer. We run 2 x 3 days courses that the apprentice has to attend:

  • Course 1 – Copper Cabling & Testing
  • Course 2 – Fibre Optics

They also get access to their online portfolio which they use to collect evidence from the work place to show the skills they are developing while doing their job. There is also online learning material that they can access. Our assessors then visit the apprentices in the work place to conduct observations and then add these to their porfolios.

Who can be an apprentice?

Anyone under 19 can be a fully funded apprentice. You can employ new apprentices or you can get an existing member of staff onto an apprenticeship programme.

If you are interested in learning about how an apprentice can benefit your business then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it further.

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