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Level 3 BTEC How it works

Once you have subscribed to the course, you will then receive an email with login instructions to the online portal.

When you log in you will be enrolled onto either the copper only or the copper and fibre pathway depending on which one you subscribed to. 

You will then see the modules that you will be required to work through.

Portfolio of Evidence

This course is designed for data cable engineers to upload evidence to demonstrate knowledge and competence of the unit criteria. The portal lists the evidence that that needs to be produced and engineers then upload this.

The course assessor will then align the evidence with the unit criteria. 

data cable level 3 online course


The modules are broken down into short information pages and then portfolio evidence requirements.

The evidence that you need to collect for your portfolio can all be generated from your day to day work.

The type of evidence that you will be required to upload is:

  • Method Statements
  • Health and Safety Certificates
  • Risk Assessments
  • Installation and Testing Videos

There are also a few multiple-choice questions.

Uploading Evidence

Uploading your evidence onto our portal is very simple. You simply click on Prepare Answer and then add the file that you are going to submit.

Course Completion

Once all of the evidence has been uploaded and assessed, we then send off for your certificate.

The certificate is issued by Pearson and is a BTEC.

Once we receive the certificate, we will scan a copy you which you can then send, with your completed H&S test or exemption certificate to the ECS. You will be applying for the Advanced Datacomms Specialist Gold Card.


We understand that sometimes engineers decide that the course requirements cannot be met because they are too busy. 

While we hope that you can find the time to work through the portfolio requirements we will understand if you can’t.

We will refund any payments if we receive this request in the first 7 days of signing up.