Time is running out for CSCS Green Card Holders

Time is running out for CSCS Green Card Holders

CSCS Gold CardTime is running out for CSCS Green Cards

If you are a data or fibre engineer in possession of a CSCS Green Card then time is running out for you to get qualified and get an appropriate card for your occupation.

Up until July 2014 many data and fibre engineers had opted to get a Green card as this was the easiest method of getting on a construction site. It just involved sitting the CITB Health, Safety & Environment test together with an employer recommendation.

Green cards are set to start expiring at the end of January and engineers will need to get qualified to move onto the right card for them.

Ideally, data and fibre engineers should be in possession of a CSCS Gold Card as this allows them to access any site that requires a CSCS Card. The CSCS Gold Card can be obtained by engineers if they are in possession of a relevant Level 3 qualification.

Online Qualification

We have developed an online Level 3 qualification for data and fibre engineers which on completion makes them eligible for a CSCS Gold Card. Engineers will still need to pass the CSCS health and safety test.

Our online course has been developed exclusively for engineers. It involves working through the course units that apply to the pathway that they choose – Pathway 1 – Fibre Engineer or Pathway 2 – Copper Engineer.

The course involves building a portfolio of evidence which is gathered from the work that engineers do. The portfolio allows engineers to demonstrate their skills and competencies required for accreditation.

The cost of the course is £600 + VAT (we do have an option for engineers to pay monthly).

Demonstration and Questions

If companies or engineers would like an online demo of the course then please get in touch with us and we will organise a time to suit. Alternatively, please contact us and we will call back and answer any questions that you might have.

We have produced a very short video to demonstrate the requirements for engineers.

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