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network cable installer apprenticeship standard

Network Cable Installer Apprenticeship Standard

The new network cable installer apprenticeship standard has been released and we thought it might be useful to make structured network companies aware of how it will change apprenticeship delivery in the industry. Apprenticeship Standards Standards are the new method of delivery for apprenticeships in England. They are designed by

Structured Network Engineer Apprenticeship

There have been significant changes to apprenticeships and funding this year and we thought it would be useful to keep structured network businesses up to date. Frameworks v Standards The government has been working with employer groups to develop new apprenticeship standards to replace the apprenticeship frameworks. Apprenticeship standards are

CRO Cards Withdrawal

Data engineers should be aware that CRO cards are being withdrawn this year and they should make plans to attain the relevant vocational qualification. CRO Withdrawal Timetable CRO cards will cease to be issued from 31st March 2017 CRO cards will not be renewed after 31st March 2017 CRO cards