• Don’t get left at the gate!

    More and more sites are asking for engineers to provide CSCS cards. Can you afford to be turned away?
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  • ECS (CSCS) Gold Card

    Data engineers need a gold card to get onto any site unsupervised. Get your card and get peace of mind
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  • We have worked with numerous structured network businesses. We work closely with them to ensure their engineers get the right qualifications
  • Level 3 Qualification for Fibre & Data Engineers

    If you are a data or fibre engineer and want to ensure access to all CSCS controlled sites you will need a Level 3 qualification
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Level 3 Qualifications for Data & Fibre Engineers

Why do I need a Gold Card?

The Advanced Datacomms Gold Card provides structured network engineers with the peace of mind that they will be able to access any CSCS Card controlled site.

What is the BTEC Level 3 Diploma?

The BTEC Level 3 NVQ for IT and Telecoms Professionals is an online portfolio based qualification. Engineers need to complete a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates their skills and knowledge.

How does this qualification work?

Once engineers are on programme they need to gather evidence and upload it to their portfolio. This is online and can be accessed 24/7. Engineers do not need to take time out work.

What does it cost? How do I pay?

We offer a really competitive price for this course and engineers can either pay in one go or spread the costs over 6 months. It costs £750 + VAT or 6 monthly payments of £125 + VAT

Latest News

Structured Network Engineer Apprenticeship

There have been significant changes to apprenticeships and funding this year and we thought it would be useful to keep structured network businesses up to date. Frameworks v Standards The government has been working with employer groups to develop new apprenticeship standards to replace the apprenticeship frameworks. Apprenticeship standards are

CRO Cards Withdrawal

Data engineers should be aware that CRO cards are being withdrawn this year and they should make plans to attain the relevant vocational qualification. CRO Withdrawal Timetable CRO cards will cease to be issued from 31st March 2017 CRO cards will not be renewed after 31st March 2017 CRO cards

Data Cable Jobs Website Launched

One item of feedback we constantly get from data cable employers and engineers is the limited amount of job sites that allow them to either post vacancies or apply for work. It seems that structured network engineering is often an afterthought on job sites. Data Cable Jobs To meet the

Advanced Datacomms Specialist Gold Card

As a data engineer can you afford not to have the Advances Datacomms Specialist Gold Card? Ensure you can access any site.