Data Cable Engineer CSCS Card – Which is the right card

fibre engineer cscs card

Data Cable Engineer CSCS Card – Which is the right card

We have had a lot of enquiries recently from fibre and data engineers about CSCS cards and which card is the right one for them. There have been a lot of changes to CSCS cards and also to the need to show them to get onto sites. Feedback from fibre and data engineers is that they are being asked more and more to show the right cards. Feedback from employers is that to win work they have to show that their engineers hold the appropriate card.

CSCS card changes for fibre and data engineers

CSCS are determined that all construction operatives hold a recognised qualification in their particular field of expertise. Engineers may have previously held a CRO (construction related occupation) card but these are being phased out by CSCS and will only be valid until 30th Sep 2017. The aim is that all construction operatives will instead have a CSCS card based on a qualification.

CSCS Gold Card

With a national recognised Level 3 qualification fibre and data engineers are able to apply for a CSCS Gold Card Communications Installer (Infrastructure). The benefit of the Gold Card is that it allows structured network engineers to attend any site – unsupervised. From a business perspective it is also really important. If a business is tendering for work, having all engineers in possession of CSCS Gold cards adds to your credibility and makes your business more attractive.

We offer the BTEC Diploma in Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professionals. This is the Level 3 qualification that engineers need to be eligible for the CSCS Gold Card Communications Installer. This is the perfect qualification for structured network engineers as it allows them to build a portfolio of evidence which demonstrates their skills and knowledge. Engineers do not need to take time out work. It is online and just required engineers to upload evidence of work collected in their day to day projects, i.e method statements, risk assessments and documented evidence. There are a series of questions that engineers will also have to answer.

We offer two pathways:

Fibre and Copper Pathway – this is for engineers who can collect evidence of using fibre and copper.

Copper Only Pathway – this is for engineers who only work with copper and cannot gather fibre evidence.

CSCS Card Finder

The CSCS website has a useful card finder tool that allows engineers to check for the card that they need. Engineers should search by occupation and then enter “communications”. This will bring up the Communications Installer (Infrastructure)

If you are interested in signing up to the course then please visit our sign up page


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